The mythical Raki is a family matter …
The history of distillation began 15 years ago following the long tradition, art & experience of Epirus distillers with weekend cauldron.
Love & the family love Peter melons for good quality distillate led to modern equipment and standardization.
Today mythical raki is produced in a distillery ultramodern Kanalaki near mythical Acheron and the archaeological site of Necromanteio.
The double distillation of marc of fine varieties, the fermentation conditions, the ratio of ingredients, the art and patience is the secret of raki mythical.
An excellent quality raki with light flavor and rich aroma without anise for connoisseurs.
A moonshine inspired by the legends of the place …
Fabulous in taste and quality … has been recognized and established in the region of Epirus.
Raki mythical is the best companion on weekdays and holidays, in joys and sorrows, with friends and alone …